Together, we create change

Ackaia Corp. has always been committed to doing the right thing by focusing on people, purpose, and community. This commitment has guided our evolution, and it inspires our employees to invent the future and change the world for the better.

Explore key areas where we make an impact.

Ackaia Corp. for Alll

Ackaia Corp. for All is our vision to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) across our company and in our communities.

Tech for Alll

Technology has the power to unite us and inspire us to change the world. Through a vision we call Tech for All, we’re empowering millions of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Technology to Transform

We’re committed to advancing the responsible use of technology and driving a positive environmental impact through sustainability and climate action.

Sustainability at Scale

We’re committed to a healthy and sustainable environment in every area of our business, from our products and buildings to our policies and partnerships.

Supporting mental health.

Ackaai Corp. and NAMI worked together on a study showing the powerful connection between creativity and mental health.

We’re proud of the recognition we continue to receive for our corporate responsibility efforts.

Empowering with tech.

Ackaia Corp.
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